Police ‘missed’ missing woman’s body

The Southern District Police Commander, Major General David Bitan, has established a committee to investigate why police who arrived at the beach in Ashdod following a call about a suspicious vehicle failed to leave their police cruiser to inspect the car and didn't even write down its license plate number. 

Last Saturday a citizen reported a suspicious vehicle on the beach in Ashdod to the police. The policemen arriving at the scene didn't bother to do any thorough check of the car and what was in it.

It was only the next day, on Sunday morning, that a passersby spotted the abandoned car, peered inside, and discovered a body. They called the police and the body of Esti Weinstein, z"l, the former Gerrer hassid who had committed suicide, was discovered. The reports of her disappearance and fear for her life led to a large-scale search involving many police and volunteers.

According to Hadas Shtaif's report on Galei Tzahal the police had been investigating the circumstances of the car's discovery when they found out that the patrolmen who had reached the car on Saturday must have failed to check it out at all.

Southern District Police have confirmed the details of the report, but added that "even if the policemen had discovered the body on Saturday the tragic result could not have been averted."

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/214198

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