Police officer filmed beating minors in Amona eviction given light sentence

A police officer who was filmed beating unarmed minors sitting with their arms crossed during the February 2006 eviction of the illegal outpost of Amona was sentenced on Monday to six months community service.

The sentence was delivered after presiding Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Dov Pollok said that officer Mordechai Mehager “without being under any threat and without any justification, starting beating minors with a stick while they sat with their arms crossed. The defendant didn’t stop with a single blow, but instead struck with his club again and again and also kicked [the complainants]. The defendant did not hurt only one person, rather, he hurt three minors and caused severe bruising injuries."

His conviction includes three counts of assault that caused significant injury and one count of severe battery.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Police-officer-filmed-beating-minors-in-Amona-eviction-given-light-sentence-409594

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