Police, organizers agree to alter Jerusalem Day march in Old City due to Ramadan

Police and organizers have reached an agreement to alter the schedule of the “flag parade” for Jerusalem Day, in order to avoid tension with Arab East Jerusalemites planning to celebrate Ramadan.

According to the agreement, entrance to Damascus Gate will be allowed for marchers only from 5:30pm up until 6:30 pm, after which anyone who arrives at the gate will be diverted to Jaffa Gate. Representatives sent by the parade organizers will be the ones responsible for enforcing the restriction.

Police said the motive behind the decision was that the earlier the marchers enter the Muslim Quarter, the more likely that they will make their way to the Western Wall before Muslim worshipers began to walk to the Temple Mount.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Police-organizers-agree-to-alter-Jerusalem-Day-march-in-Old-City-due-to-Ramadan-455657

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