Police reveal major organized crime case, ‘one of the biggest ever’

A major organized crime case run by police abroad and in Israel broke on Monday as officers detained around 50 suspects, including some of the more well-known underworld figures in Israel.

According to police, the investigation, code-named “Case 512”, involves a long series of suspected violent crimes and drug offenses both in Israel and abroad, as well as a litany of organized crime offenses involving dozens of suspects.

The gag order on the case was lifted minutes after National Police Commissioner Yochanan Danino said at a conference in Eilat that “in the coming days one of the biggest, most meaningful cases Israel Police have ever carried out will be revealed.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Police-reveal-major-organized-crime-case-one-of-the-biggest-ever-according-to-Commissioner-403402

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