Poll: 69.7% of Israelis Want Televised Pre-Elections Debate

The majority of the Israeli public wants to see a televised debate over elections issues between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other party leaders, according to the latest elections poll. 

69.7% of respondents to the TRI Strategic Studies poll for Channel 10 affirmed that they would like to see a pre-elections debate, vs. just 17% who are uninterested in the idea and 13.4% who are unsure. 

While party leaders make the rounds on pre-elections tours to speak about critical issues, and occasionally give interviews for news channels, there is no formal televised debate as has become custom in the United States since the 1960 debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. 

Meanwhile, 49% of respondents prefer to choose Netanyahu over Labor leader Yitzhak Herzog for Prime Minister, whereas 31% stated the opposite scenario. 

Recent polls suggest that Likud is gaining ground over Labor, with several suggesting as much as a 3-4 seat gap between them just one month and two days before the elections. 

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/191360

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