Poll: Israelis Avoiding Arab Businesses

The business sector is also suffering from the wave of Arab terror in Israel, Channel 10 reports Friday, eroding mistrust between Jewish and Arab business partners. 

Some 60% of Israelis polled by the New Wave Economic Institute stated they have refrained from buying from Arabs or being in touch with Arab-owned businesses since the terror wave began last month. 

One-third of respondents said they have switched to Jewish business owners on a permanent basis or turned elsewhere to avoid dealing with Arab businesses. 

Surprisingly, caution regarding Arab businesses is only second-highest in Jerusalem; 70% of Jerusalem residents polled have stopped business transactions with Arabs over the past month – a close second to the Sharon area, where 72% of residents have boycotted Arab businesses.

57% of Tel Aviv area residents and Golan Heights/Galilee residents have also avoided business with Arabs, followed by just 51% of Negev-area residents. 

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/202353

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