Poll: Israelis Predict PM’s Campaign Against Deal Would Fail

A broad majority of Israeli Jews agree with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that the Iran nuclear deal presents "an existential threat" to the Jewish state, a new poll found. 

The Peace Index Poll released on Wednesday by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University reveals that nearly three quarters of Israel Jews (73%) are "sure" or "moderately sure" the deal is a threat. 

Those numbers drop significantly when polling left-wing Jewish Israelis as well as Israeli Arabs. A full 90 percent of Meretz voters disagree the deal is an existential threat, along with 45 percent of Arabs. 

While nearly 80% of Israeli Jews were certain Tehran would not uphold its commitments under the deal, Israeli Arabs remained split on the question. 

Thirty percent believe Iran will keep its commitments, while 35 percent maintain it won't and 34 percent say they do not know. 

The survey was conducted before US President Barack Obama secured the necessary votes to uphold his veto of a congressional resolution against the deal, but most Israelis already had an inkling Netanyahu's campaign against the agreement would fail. 

Some 64 percent of Israelis believed his campaign had "a small or no chance of succeeding."

A little under half of Israeli Jews (48 percent) think Netanyahu's campaign against the deal will damage the US-Israeli relationship, while 37 percent believe it will have no effect. Only eight percent think the campaign will positively affects relations. 

Concern over ties with the US was largest among Israel's center and left-wing: 85 percent of Meretz voters, 72 percent of Zionist Union voters and 68 percent of Yesh Atid voters expressed worry over the damage Netanyahu is causing with the US. 

Despite those concerns, the poll found that 68.1 percent of Israelis believe the US is staunchly committed to Israel's security. 

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/200534

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