Poll: Non-hassidic Ashkenazi haredim outnumber hassidic community

A new poll surveying the Ashkenazi haredi community has revealed a change in the demographics of the sector between its hassidic and non-hassidic components which could have important political consequences.

According to the poll conducted for the B’hadrei Haredim haredi news website by the strategist Nati Gamliel, 54.4% of the Ashkenazi haredi community is non-hassidic while 45.6% is hassidic.

For the last two decades it has been claimed by the hassidic sector that the ratio was 60:40 in its favor and this claim has underpinned the division of the political spoils in Knesset within the United Torah Judaism party which represents the Ashkenazi haredi community.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Poll-Non-hassidic-Ashkenazi-haredim-outnumber-hassidic-community-413009

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