Poll: Vast majority of Jewish Israelis think 1 in 3 Arab Israelis identify with ISIS

A vast majority of Jewish Israelis (85 percent) believes that every third Arab Israeli identifies with Islamic State (ISIS), according to a Rafi Smith poll commissioned by the Achva Academic College.

The "Alienation Index," in which 400 Jews and 400 Israeli Arabs were questioned, found that eight out of ten Arab respondents believe that ISIS greatly damages the image of Islam and Muslims.

Those who identify themselves as right-wing believe that some 40% of Israeli Arabs identify with ISIS, whereas those on the Left answered that only 14% identify with the group.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Poll-Vast-majority-of-Jewish-Israelis-think-1-in-3-Arab-Israelis-identify-with-ISIS-391809

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