Pollard’s lawyer hopes parole board will let him make aliyah

Former Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard could come home to Israel sooner than the five years that has been reported, even without the intervention of US President Barack Obama, Pollard’s lawyer Eliot Lauer indicated to The Jerusalem Post.

Lauer and his fellow pro-bono attorney on the case, Jacques Semmelman, initially released a statement on Tuesday saying the US Parole Commission’s notice of action required Pollard to remain in the United States for five years. They noted in the statement that Obama, who has the constitutional power of executive clemency, had the authority to release Pollard before his November 20 release date and to allow him to move to Israel immediately.

Obama’s advisers made clear on Wednesday, however, that the president has no intention of invoking his power and allowing Pollard to leave the United States.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Pollards-lawyer-hopes-parole-board-will-let-him-make-aliyah-410551

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