‘Post’ names Fraenkel one of year’s ‘top 50’ Jews

A year ago, Rachelle Sprecher Fraenkel recited Kaddish, the mourners’ prayer, at the grave of her son Naftali after he and two other teens were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas. As the first Orthodox woman to do so publicly, she garnered significant media attention and is credited with helping transform the world of women’s religious studies.

“I was totally unaware of the exposure and the cameras there,” she told The Jerusalem Post last week. "When my husband and [eldest] son were called to say Kaddish, I had a split-second to decide what to do.”

She already had 12 years of experience teaching the rules surrounding Kaddish, “so the halacha was very simple and quite clear to me. There was nothing novel about that.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Post-names-Fraenkel-one-of-years-top-50-Jews-403372

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