President denies appeal for clemency for young man who killed his rapist

President Reuven Rivlin has denied on Sunday a plea for clemency by 29-year-old Yonatan Heilo who was convicted of manslaughter after killing six years ago the man who had repeatedly raped, tormented and blackmailed him. In addition to a request sent on Heilo’s behalf by his lawyer Alon Eisenberg, 65 members of Knesset also asked Rivlin to show compassion after Heilo had served five years of a 12 year sentence.

In denying the request, Rivlin explained that the Supreme Court had already shown leniency by reducing Heilo’s sentence from murder to manslaughter and from 20 years to 12 years. "The institution for clemency and pardons," the president clarified, "is not an additional recourse for appeal following a decision by the Supreme Court.”


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