Pride paints White City rainbow and illuminates its transgender community

The White City streamed with all the colors of the rainbow on Friday as tens of thousands of jubilant revelers took to the city’s central streets for the 17th Annual Pride Parade.

The merriment of the revered yearly festivity began Friday morning with a gathering party at the tree-lined Meir Park, where the Municipal LGBT Center is located, and kicked off around noon with a record-breaking 180,000 participants marching in support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

An infectious party spirit radiated as good-natured masses of all genders, orientations, ages and nationalities flooded the roadways bearing the rainbow colors of the LGBT movement, dancing and waving banners, calling for equal rights and legitimacy. Members from the right-wing Likud and left-wing Meretz parties were also visible with large billowing flags.


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