Prison arson hospitalizes three inmates, one guard

Prisoners in Shita Prison set a fire around midnight between Monday and Tuesday. A guard and three prisoners were evacuated to Haemek Hospital for treatment.

A spokesperson for the Israel Prison Service said that the injured guard was trying to put out the flames. "The guards who saw the fire equipped themselves with specialized clothing and firefighting tools. They entered the burning cell, evacuated the three prisoners who inhaled smoke and put out the fire which had spread in the cell and threatened to reach the larger wing."

The three prisoners in question are Arabs from Judea and Samaria who are serving between four and eight years for crimes including robbery and other property offenses. Each has been arrested several times in the past.

The commander of Shita Prison spoke about the preliminary investigation's findings. "If not for the prison staff's professional action, speed and decisiveness, there would have been a tragedy and loss of lives."

Officials at Haemek Hospital stated that they received three people from Shita. One was in serious condition and unconscious, and was taken to the emergency ward for respiration. The other two are stable.

Shita is the largest prison in the northern district. It holds 560 prisoners and 240 staff.


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