Prisoner involved in lynch of Jewish murderer released

Jamil Safuri, who was convicted in July 2013 for his involvement in the death of Eden Natan-Zada, has been released after serving 18 months in jail.

Last month, Haaretz reported on Safuri’s appeal against the decision of the Carmel Prison parole committee not to release him. The appeal was accepted, and the court ordered a new hearing to review the refusal. The committee reconvened and decided to release him.

Safuri was convicted of attempted manslaughter, attacking a police officer, and rioting in the incident in which Natan-Zada was killed by an angry mob after going on a shooting rampage with an army-issued rifle to kill four Israeli-Arab bus passengers and wound 22 others.

Safuri, who entered prison in January 2014, had applied to be released after serving two-thirds of his sentence. After he was refused, he appealed the decision. 

The committee had given three reasons for refusing Safuri’s request for parole: Intelligence information about his involvement in prohibited political activity behind bars; his lack of remorse, since he insists he’s innocent, and the lack of electronic handcuffs that could enable his release under supervision.


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