Pro-Hamas Arab MKs Blame ‘Israeli Incitement’

Radical Arab MKs lost no time on Friday morning in blaming Israeli society for the arson attack in the Arab village of Duma in Samaria, in which an Arab infant was killed and four family members wounded in what the IDF suspects may be "Jewish terror."

MK Ahmad Tibi of the Arab Joint List wrote on Twitter: "the child Ali Dawabsha was burned. 'The lords of the land' acted again. Jewish Daesh." Daesh is the Arabic acronym for Islamic State (ISIS).

Tibi has called on foreign states to sanction his own government, and just this January in an act of extreme incitement hoisted the flag of the terrorist group Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on the Temple mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

The PLO itself took a similar tact to Tibi, blaming the Israeli government for the arson in a statement that has led the IDF to brace for a potential wave of Arab terrorism.

Tibi was joined by MK Hanin Zoabi, also of the Arab Joint List, who blamed Israeli "incitement" for the arson – even though she herself was nearly blocked from running in the Knesset for her radical pro-Hamas statements of incitement.

"This starts with words and ends with actions. Whoever incited against Israeli judges, gives their approval to criminal acts from stabbings to murder. We are going from bad to worse. Our souls are tormented and our hearts hurt," said Zoabi.

"And it's Jews, after their bloody history? Who will stop the tide of hatred and the serious harm to basic values? If we do not stop the incitement, the attacks and the murders, we will find ourselves in a chasm and unable to get out."

Ironically, earlier this year Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein called to charge Zoabi with incitement for her comments about Arab police officers, in which she called on Arabs to spit on them.

Her incitement has included saying Israel has “no right to a normal life,” and that “the Israeli occupation” was behind the murder of Israelis in Bulgaria. She has also declared that Israel should "thank her" for allowing Jews to live in the Jewish state. 

Zoabi's justification of the murder of the three Israeli teens by Hamas last summer eventually earned her a six-month ban from the Knesset plenum.


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