Proven Way to Increase the Life Expectancy of an ALS Patient by Three Times the Expected Norm

Is it true that ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, causes those diagnosed with the disease to die within 5 years of their diagnose? The answer is yes, if the patient doesn’t get the right care. But the right care is not something that insurance plans pay for,  as extending life is simply not their goal. The average cost of caring for a person with ALS over the course of the disease is easily 2 million dollars, but by spending money on the proper care of a patient with ALS, the individual’s life can be extended by up to fifteen years or three times as much.

By reaching out to help the victim of this relentless disease, which causes the slow deterioration of the body until the patient is locked inside, unable to communicate or move, one is not only helping the person suffering from the ALS. The pressure of dealing with ALS can be crushing both financially and emotionally to a family who can only try to do everything within their power to hold back the clock for as long as possible while watching the slow and painful deterioration of their loved one. Making sure that this family, which has shouldered the burden alone for nearly two years, doesn’t have to go it alone anymore is important in its own right as this dread disease is not something that anyone should have to bear alone. The toll is simply too much despite the most valiant efforts. And so, by donating today, the entire family will benefit from the boost of knowing that there are others who care as well.

Help a family that has suffered enough watching the matriarch of their family fight for her life. Give a mother/grandmother the dignity that she deserves and the extra years she should be allotted. Donate at

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