The Cleaner Streets Plan put forth by NYC Council Candidate Member Yoni Hikind (Brooklyn) has received resounding applause from numerous elected officials and community members including the NYC Public Advocate’s office.

“We must find a way to expand available parking spaces and reduce traffic, while also keeping our streets clean and safe,” said Anna Brower, spokeswoman for Public Advocate Letitia James after James and the Mayor’s office reviewed Hikind’s proposal. “This idea [of Hikind’s] to utilize street vacuumers is worthy of exploring through a pilot project in some neighborhoods in New York City.”

Hikind and the numerous Hasidic and other groups who are supporting him were delighted to learn how well Hikind’s plan resonated with the Public Advocate. “We’ve said from day one that we will work relentlessly to come up with ideas that can improve the lives of residents in our neighborhood,” said Yoni. “From day one, we committed to out-of-the-box thinking that can yield creative ideas for accomplishing this simple goal. When my Cleaner Streets plan was announced, it immediately resonated with members of our community because it tackles such central quality-of-life issues. The fact that the Public Advocate—herself, a former Chair of the Committee on Sanitation—has voiced such clear public support for my plan and its approach further legitimizes and certifies this important initiative.”

There will always be a few naysayers who say things can’t be done—that we shouldn’t even bother trying to fix these issues. But that attitude gets us nowhere. We need a can-do attitude to make positive changes.

Yoni concluded “With gratitude to Public Advocate Letitia James, I can say that I am reinforced and resolute in my mission to practically implement this Cleaner Streets pilot program as soon as I enter elected office. I look forward to a New York City with cleaner streets that doesn’t come at the expense of traffic flow and parking availability.”

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