Purim clean-up

Since I never encountered it in the country of my birth, it always fascinates me here in Israel how, immediately following one festival, all baking energy and focus are directed toward the next one. The day following Simhat Torah, you will invariable find sufganiyot in the stores, months before Hanukka. The day after Hanukka, you will start seeing hamentashen on the bakery shelves, many months before Purim.

It is a philosophical discussion whether one should be deluged with festival fare months in advance so that by the time you get to the actual festival you are so sick of the stuff that you can’t even look at it, let alone eat it. I think our Sages, in their wisdom, forbade eating matza from two weeks before Passover so it would be novel and tasty on the festival itself.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Purim-clean-up-449591

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