Purim gifts from the First Couple

A group of young roommates opened their door Thursday morning to find their neighbors, President Reuven Rivlin and First Lady Nechama, holding mishlochei manot.

The First Couple decided that they would pay visits to the people living on their street and to fulfill the Purim commandment of delivering packages of food.

Those neighbors included 32-year-old Amir Shapira, an industrial engineer, and his roommates: 29-year-old David Lev-Ari, 32-year-old Avi Shweki. The three, who met while serving together in an IDF armored unit, quickly called over 30-year-old Moriya Natan from the next apartment.

"Wow, Nechama," President Rivlin told his wife, "it feels like we returned to our student apartment, even though you've all finished university."

"I studied biology and our labs were in Van Leer. That was a long time ago. Jerusalem was lovely," Nechama explained. Reuven then asked, "Is it hard for you to live across from us?"

"No," answered the group. "It's fun. It's all in good spirit."

"We just don't want to bother you. We very much appreciate your patience," Nechama continued, as the neighbors told how they watched the welcome ceremony for Romanian President Klaus Iohannis from above.

The President asked the four how they plan to celebrate the holiday, adding: "Although the holiday only starts in the evening for Jerusalem, we decided to advance the mitzvah so we wouldn't bother the Friday rest."

The couple left their neighbors with nice gifts, including wine, candies, cookies and chocolate. Before leaving, President Rivlin said, "We hope to see one of you in the President's Residence one day. Maybe you, Moriya, because it's time [for a female president]." Moriya responded: "It is time. Maybe I'll be the first."

The President and his wife wished their new friends a happy Purim, and crossed back to their residence.

Mark Neiman/GPO
Mark Neiman/GPO

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/209844

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