Qalandiya crisis involved temporary siege, gunfights

New information has revealed that last night's incident in Qalandiya was worse than initially reported.

Two IDF soldiers mistakenly reached the refugee camp while following Waze directions from Beit El to the Mitkan Adam base. They were quickly confronted by rioters armed with rocks and Molotov cocktails.

By the time the pair were rescued, a riot had started, their car was burned and five Border Police officers were wounded.

IDF declared the Hannibal Protocol to be in effect, which permits the use of extreme measures to save a captured soldier, even if it endangers the soldier's life.

Special forces units were then called in out of concern for a possible hostage situation. In the meantime, IDF units surrounded Qalandiya and helicopters watched from above.

At one point, the rioters began shooting at the troops outside. Border Police then returned fire. Five officers were wounded, one seriously so, while one Palestinian teen was killed and another 10 wounded.

The incident strongly resembled what turned into the "Ramallah lynch" in 2000, when two IDF reservists accidentally ended up in Ramallah. The two were surrounded by rioters who beat them to death.


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