Rabbi and leader of extremist group says he’s in favor of burning churches, in theory

Rabbi Bentzi Gopstein, the extremist leader of the radical Lehava anti-assimilation and anti-missionary organization, said in a panel debate on Tuesday regarding the Biblical commandment to destroy idolatry that he would support the burning of churches.

The debate at the Wolfson Yeshiva in Jerusalem was discussing the commandment in the Book of Deuteronomy to destroy idol worship in the Land of Israel.

Some rabbinic authorities, including the medieval scholar Maimonides, ruled that due to various aspects of Christian practice and theology, Christianity was idolatry.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Rabbi-and-leader-of-extremist-group-says-hes-in-favor-of-burning-churches-in-theory-411268

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