Rabbi claims Jewish Agency barred him from teaching Torah at Ulpan Etzion

Walking up to the guard booth at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Ulpan Etzion, David Sterne informed the guard that he had been invited by a group of students to deliver a Torah lecture only to be told that orders from above prohibited him from setting foot into the facility.

A Chabad rabbi living in the Old City who has been teaching religious classes at the Jewish Agency-run Hebrew language academy for new immigrants since 2009, Sterne believes that he has been frozen out by the facility’s management.

Smiling ruefully and stating that he had expected just such a response, the rabbi called one of his students at the Ulpan, instructing him to round up the other members of the Torah class and meet him outside. A half hour later a small group of immigrants from Argentina, Ukraine and the US were sitting around a table in his apartment in the Jewish quarter near the Hurva synagogue, listening to a lecture on the weekly Biblical portion.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Rabbi-claims-Jewish-Agency-barred-him-from-teaching-Torah-at-Ulpan-Etzion-442767

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