Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg named as ‘northern rabbi’ suspected of sexual offenses

The name of Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg, a much respected yeshiva dean who was considered by some to be a mystic, was released for publication late Thursday night as the rabbi from northern Israel accused of rape and other sexual offenses.

So far 10 separate complaints have been filed against the rabbi. He was arrested on July 2 at Ben-Gurion Airport and has been held in detention until now. He is scheduled to be released to house arrest this Tuesday.

Scheinberg, 46, is married and has eight children, is the founder of the Orot HaAri yeshiva in Safed which he established in 1999. He was a respected and prominent figure in the national-religious community and was lauded as a particularly spiritual rabbi with even preternatural abilities to see into the future and give advice on that basis.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Rabbi-Ezra-Scheinberg-named-as-northern-rabbi-suspected-of-sexual-offenses-409409

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