Rabbi: For Purim, give to the poor instead of wasting money on candy

One of the time honored customs of the upcoming Purim holiday is to give to friends and relatives food parcels containing, in principle, overwhelmingly sticky and unbearably sweet candies and chocolates which are, for the most part, devoured by children who go on to rapidly develop rampant sugar-highs for the rest of the day.

To the dismay of dentists however, one rabbi is recommending that the public refrain from such largesse this year.

Rabbi Ephraim Zalmanovitz, the municipal chief rabbi of Mazkeret Batya, has called on the residents of his city, and the wider community, not to purchase these sticky delights for the traditional mishloach manot gift packages this year.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Rabbi-For-Purim-give-to-the-poor-instead-of-wasting-money-on-candy-392190

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