Rabbi Stav gets increased police protection following ‘threatening’ coverage of conversion issue

The Shoham police force will increase patrols close to and around the home of Rabbi David Stav, the town’s municipal chief rabbi, due to a concern for his safety following the launch of a new network of conversion courts last week which Stav helped found.

The launch of the new conversion courts, called Giur K’halacha, created a fierce media storm in the haredi press, with advocates of a strict, centralized system under the chief rabbinate heavily criticizing Stav for what they perceive to be a an overly lenient approach to conversion which would create false converts who could then intermarry with Jewish Israelis.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Rabbi-Stav-gets-increased-police-protection-following-threatening-coverage-of-conversion-issue-412273

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