Rafael developed visual intel system that can track multiple rocket launch sites

Israeli state-owned defense corporation Rafael has developed a command and control system that can monitor multiple areas for rocket launch activities.

The system, known as the ImiLite Center, is in use in the IDF. It allows ground controllers to monitor dozens of zones in hostile territory, while integrating intelligence data from other sources. An aircraft equipped with an advanced visual intelligence pod can fly more than 50 kilometers away from its target areas, and send back data to ground controllers, whose screens divide into multiple tracking zones, a senior source from Rafael said recently, describing the system. The technology would enable the IDF to preemptively strike areas used by terrorists to fire on the Israeli home front in any future conflict. ImiLite also fuses data from other sources, such as cameras and SAR (radar) sensors that are on spy satellites in space, and drone cameras, the Rafael executive added.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Rafael-developed-visual-intel-system-that-can-track-multiple-rocket-launch-sites-452198

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