Rare 1,800-year-old sarcophagus discovered in Ashkelon

A rare 1,800-year-old stone sarcophagus found by construction workers at a building site in the coastal city of Ashkelon has been appropriated by the Israel Antiquities Authority after the workers allegedly damaged the relic and concealed their discovery.

The IAA announced on Thursday that the valuable, ornately decorated stone tomb was seized by the authority’s Unit for the Prevention of Antiquities Robbery on Wednesday, in coordination with detectives from the Ashkelon Police.

“This is one of the rarest sarcophagi ever discovered in Israel,” the IAA said in a statement.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Rare-1800-year-old-sarcophagus-discovered-in-Ashkelon-415076

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