Real estate company advertises housing project free of non-Ashkenazi Jews

The real estate company Bemuna, which caters to the national-religious community, caused backlash on Monday when it released a promotional video for a new housing project in Carmei Gat, a neighborhood in Modi’in, intended for Israelis of Ashkenazi descent, while ridiculing Mizrahim.

The video shows an Ahskenazi family lighting Hannuka candles and singing songs when a knock on the door spreads fear across their faces.

The door abruptly opens and an exaggerated stereotypical Mizrahi Jew enters asking to borrow sugar. He then sees the Hannuka celebration and yells out the door to his friend who pops in and the two invite themselves in to the chagrin of the Ashkenazi family – who reminisce what it would be like to light candles with other Ashkenazim.


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