Regev: ‘No Syrian foot will touch the Kinneret’s waters’

Culture and Sport Minister Miri Regev (Likud) gave a speech during the Ein Gev Festival on Monday, promising that the government will work to return missing soldiers.

"On our path to security and peace we remember, every day of the year and particularly during Passover, Staff Sergeant Oron Shaul, a child of the Jordan Valley region," she said.

"As a minister in the government and as a brigadier general in the reserves who served as the Chief Censor and the IDF Spokesperson, I promise you: the Prime Minister and all of the security forces are continuing to do everything possible and more in order to return Oron, along with all the soldiers held captive, missing and whose burial locations are not known."

She added that no other country does more than Israel in order to recover its children. "This is our ethical and moral commitment – and we will continue doing so until we complete the mission."

Regev then discussed Prime Minister Netanyahu's promise not to hand over the Golan Heights. "We can't talk about the festival without remembering the magical place we are celebrating: the Kinneret, where the poet Rachel wrote 'There are the Golan mountains, reach out your hand and touch them.' We will all join together behind the pledge that the Prime Minister repeated last week: the Golan Heights are ours and so they will remain forever.

"The Israeli government under Netanyahu's leadership will not allow any Syrian foot to touch the Kinneret's waters," she added.


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