Report: 18-Year-Old Beaten by Police in Ashdod

Yet another alleged incident of police violence came to light on Saturday with the Channel 10 publication of a video depicting an 18-year-old being beaten by a policeman in Ashdod. 

According to the victim's friends, the group was sitting on the beach Saturday evening when a police car from Ashkelon arrived. Police told the group of 18-year-olds to clean up the mess of empty bottles around them. 

Although the victim in question began to clean, his friends claim one of the policemen "was not satisfied with the pace of his work" and wanted to arrest him. 

At this point, the friends allege and the clip backs up, the youth tried to get away from the policeman, who began to attack him. 

Witnesses say the policeman then began to choke the victim, and when he tried to resist, the policeman began to beat the youth with his fists, as well as kick him. 

The youth was then arrested and taken to the local precinct for questioning – a move, the youth's father asserts, done only to make his son look bad and allow the officer to save face for his inappropriate conduct. 

Once police were alerted to documentation of the event, the Lachish District Police Commander ordered all evidence, including the video, to be sent to the Police Investigations Department (PID) to handle the incident. 

"We are treating this case seriously," the Israel Police said. "On the face of it, there is no justification for the police officer's violent behavior. The material will immediately be transferred to the PID, and decision will be made at the end of the investigation."

Allegations of police brutality have circulated the news lately, after a shocking video of an Ethiopian IDF soldier being viciously assaulted by police surfaced, spurring angry protests across Israel. 


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