Report: Israeli Airstrike Destroys Crashed Drone in Lebanon

Israel carried out an air strike in eastern Lebanon on Sunday targeting a drone belonging to the Jewish state that crashed in the area, a security source told AFP.

"An Israeli air strike was launched this morning to destroy one of their drones that crashed in the mountains outside Saghbine yesterday," the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Another security source told the Lebanese Daily Star that the drone allegedly had entered Lebanon from the Mt. Hermon area in the Golan Heights – but the Lebanese National News Agency reports that the source of a blast was a rocket explosion. Lebanese security forces are reportedly at the scene to investigate further. 

Images published by Lebanese media purported to show the remains of the drone that was targeted, including what looked to be a wing and twisted pieces of metal.

However, as the Star notes, writing on the drone is in Cyrillic – indicating that it is actually of Eastern European origin. 

An IDF spokesperson refused to confirm or deny to Arutz Sheva that such a drone strike took place. 


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