Report: Netanyahu Antics Enrage Likud Committee

Likud has seen a new internal crisis, Channel 10 reported on Wednesday night, after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attempted to arrange jobs for private associates on the dime of the ruling party. 

According to details obtained by Channel 10, Netanyahu created previously non-existing positions for five advisers who worked for him during the recent election campaign. 

The cost of all these new positions is estimated at tens of thousands of shekels. 

The five advisers include Nir Hefetz, a media adviser to Netanyahu who would earn an NIS 30,000 monthly salary in this new position. Also on the list was the Prime Minister's son, Yair Netanyahu, who went to work for Likud after joining the election campaign. 

Since the conclusion of general elections in March, these five consultants were serving Netanyahu on a temporary basis, but last week the Prime Minister brought an application to Likud to have them officially employed. 

Likud's committee on its internal mechanism denied the request, which the Prime Minister is expected to re-submit for approval. 

Committee members expressed surprise and confusion to Channel 10 over Netanyahu's actions: "Why would we pay so much money for advisers who only serve the head of the movement?"


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