Report: Six Syrians And Three Iranians Killed In Israeli Attack

The official Syrian news channel reported Sunday, 3 Menachem Av, that a military post in the Halab area was attacked by IDF forces and that nine were killed during the bombing.

An official Syrian military source told the Syrian news agency SANA that the Israeli Air Force attacked the military post in the north of the a-Nayrab Airport in the northern district of Aleppo. According to the official report, there were no casualties, but the outpost was damaged, but now it turns out that the report is erroneous or false.

After the attack was exposed, media outlets affiliated with the Syrian regime reported at least four people killed in the attack on the outpost, which various estimates belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and a human rights organization based in Syria that focuses on the country’s fighting figures, reports no fewer than nine dead. Sources estimate that six of them are Syrian citizens, while three are Iranians.

The attack come amid rising tension between Israel and Iran, a main supporter of Syrian government troops.

Israel is concerned about Iran’s expanding role in Syria. It has rallied Russia, another ally of Damascus, to stem Iranian presence in Syria.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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