Right-wing activist confesses to moving knife in Hebron shooting case

Prosecutors in the manslaughter trial against Elor Azaria, the IDF soldier who is accused of unnecessarily shooting to death an already neutralized terrorist in Hebron in March, questioned a key witness on Tuesday, who they suggest attempted to cover up the suspect’s crime.

The witness, Ofer Ohana, was an ambulance driver who arrived at the scene of the incident. IDF investigators previously claimed that Ohana moved a knife closer to the prone Palestinian terrorist to make video he took make it look like Azaria had killed him in self defense. Azaria’s attorneys claim that the soldier shot the immobilized Palestinian terrorist because he thought he still posed a risk.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Right-wing-activist-erased-phone-calls-to-Hebron-shooters-father-459545

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