Rightwing Activists to Conduct Funeral for National Pride outside Netanyahu Residence

The funeral announcement

The rigthwing party Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Might), led by former MK Michael Ben Ari, are planning to arrive at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence near Paris Square in Rehavia, carrying a coffin containing “the national honor,” which they plan to bury after it had been killed, they say, by the government.

Otzma Yehudit, which is renowned for its street theater acts (they once crammed an exclusive swimming pool in Tel Aviv with Sudanese illegal migrants), say the national honor was murdered this week with the complete capitulation of the Netanyahu cabinet before thousands Arab rioters and one Arab murderer.


The funeral announcement issued by Ben Ari & Company (see above) reads:

“With great sorrow and grief, we announce the murder of our dear one

National Honor

(Offspring of War of Independence and Six Day War)

The funeral will be conducted today, 7/27/17, 4 Av 5777, at 1:00 PM

Going from the Prime Minister’s residence (Ben Maimon Street, Jerusalem) to the Old City

A Shiva week will be observed

The murderers: Likud ministers, Bibi, Bennett and Liberman.”