Rina Schenfeld steps into the role

To the outside world, Rina Schenfeld appears tireless. The committed dancer, the graceful ager, the fierce matriarch. And yet, most days, Schenfeld, 77, has to convince herself to walk down the stairs into the studio on the ground floor of her home.

“I wake up and I don’t feel like dancing,” she admits following a rehearsal of her new solo The Dancer Forgets A Step. “I have lots of troubles. But when I get into the studio and I start to set up the props, I slip into a different world. Props love me and I love them. For me, objects are the whole point. Without them, I can’t dance.”

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/Rina-Schenfeld-steps-into-the-role-447778

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