Rivlin inspects damage to Afghani-Jewish graves on Mount of Olives

Following complaints of vandalism and desecration of graves in the Afghan section of the Mount of Olives, President Reuven Rivlin decided to go on Monday and inspect the extent of the damage.  He was accompanied by four members of the Afghan Jewish community: Yigal and Kobi Dalmoni, Meir Namad and Dikla Shafran.

After first visiting the graves of his parents who are buried in another section of the Mount of Olives, Rivlin went to the Afghan section where he met up with other members of the community Reuven Kashanai, Rabbi Rephael Bakshi who is responsible for the section, and Hillel Hurvitz who is responsible for Jerusalem cemeteries in general. A senior member of the police force was also present.

Up until the time of Rivlin’s visit 62 graves had been desecrated. Some had garbage strewn around them and on others the headstones were broken.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Rivlin-inspects-damage-to-Afghani-Jewish-graves-on-Mount-of-Olives-408805

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