Rivlin joins in Druse Nebi Shuaib celebration

Despite a long history of hostilities, Jews and Arabs occasionally acknowledge that they are cousins in that both are descended from Abraham the Patriarch.

Jews and Druse are also related in that Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses is the key prophet of the Druse faith. Nebi Shuaib, a tomb overlooking the Sea of Galilee is believed by the Druse to be the burial site of Jethro and is therefore one of the most revered of Druse holy sites. The Druse congregate there in multitudes each year to discuss communal affairs, and make a point of inviting the President of the State to join them.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Rivlin-joins-in-Druse-Nebi-Shuaib-celebration-452263

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