Ronit, rock ’n’ roll and really good writing

Ronit Elkabetz will be starring in a French television series, Trepalium, from the prestigious Arte company. It takes place in the near future, when 80 percent of people are unemployed and segregated by a wall from the remaining 20 percent who live in luxury. Elkabetz, last seen as a woman fighting for her right to divorce in Gett, will play the prime minister, whose husband is kidnapped by rebels from the 80 percent. Lubna Azabal, who starred in the Oscar-nominated movies Incendies and Paradise Now, as well as the Israeli movie Strangers, co-stars.

The series will air on YES in early 2016.

Another series that is coming up in January and will be aired on YES Oh has two producers with very familiar names: Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese. The two are teaming up to create an HBO series called Vinyl, a drama about the music business in New York in the 1970s, when punk, disco and hip hop were either just beginning or at the height of their popularity.


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