Ruling party wins Slovakia’s election, neo-Nazis gain seats

BRATISLAVA – The leftist ruling party has won the parliamentary election in Slovakia, after campaigning on an anti-migrant ticket, but

will need coalition partners to form a majority government, according to results announced on Sunday. In a surprising development, a neo-Nazi party gained parliamentary seats for the first time.

With the votes from 99.9 percent of the almost 6,000 polling stations counted by the Statistics Office Sunday, the Smer-Social Democracy party of Prime Minister Robert Fico is the winner with 28.3 percent of the vote, or 49 seats in the 150-seat Parliament.


Most notably, the neo-Nazi People’s Party – Our Slovakia, got 8 percent, or 14 seats. Party chairman Marian Kotleba was chairman of the banned neo-Nazi Slovak Togetherness-National Party, which organized anti-Roma rallies and expressed sympathy for the Slovak Nazi-puppet state during World War II. The party says NATO is a terrorist organization and keeps attacking the European Union and Europe’s common currency, the euro, which Slovakia uses.



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