S. African custody battle centers on Israel’s status as ‘war zone’

A South African Jewish woman in the midst of divorce proceedings is petitioning to prevent her children from returning to Israel with her husband, claiming that travel to the Jewish state would endanger them, according to local media.

The Herald reported that the couple, who lived in Israel, split during a vacation in South Africa to visit the wife’s parents. The woman, who converted to Judaism and made aliya in 2006, appeared to characterize Israel as a war zone, stating that she had had enough of rocket attacks while living in Ashkelon. Neither party’s name was included in media reports.

The father responded by accusing the mother of essentially kidnapping their three children, the oldest of whom is eight years old, and asserted that the South African courts did not have jurisdiction over either their divorce or resultant custody issues.

Source: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Culture/S-African-custody-battle-centers-on-Israels-status-as-war-zone-411245

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