S. Korea readies for reunions amid N. Korea’s rocket threats

South Korea is moving on with preparations for reunions of families separated by the 1950-53 Korean War despite rival North Korea talking about new rocket launches and nuclear tests. South Korean officials have hinted they will try to proceed with planned Oct. 20-26 reunions at North Korea’s Diamond Mountain resort even if the North launches a satellite before then. Analysts believe a dramatic provocation from the North could threaten the reunions as it would inevitably stoke military tensions on the divided peninsula. A nuclear test or a satellite launch would violate U.N. resolutions, the latter because the rocket technology needed can also be used to develop long-range missiles. The Koreas agreed to hold the reunions in an accord in August to ease animosities.

via ynetnews.com

Source: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4701866,00.html

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