Sara Netanyahu tape could embarrass PM

Likud leaders fear that a recording of an embarrassing conversation including the prime minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, will leak to the media ahead of the elections.

In the conversation Sara Netanyahu is heard scolding Monique Ben Melech, wife of former Sderot mayor, Eli Moyal, for Moyal’s criticism of the prime minister’s performance during the war in Gaza.

Moyal confirmed the recording exists Wednesday and said he was in favor of releasing it, but it was up to his wife to decide what to do with it.

Journalist Ben Caspit published excerpts of the recording in Maariv newspaper last August. The conversation took place after Moyal’s call to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign on Channel 2 News one evening. An angry Sara Netanyahu is cited extolling her husband’s virtues: “The man took the entire State of Israel on his shoulders, he sends troops to battle, acts with extraordinary political wisdom, he’s read tons of books, he understands economics, he understands security, he’s got university degrees … He knows how to talk to world leaders … The whole world worships him … Who’s your Eli Moyal? He can’t hold a candle to Bibi,”


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