Saudis plan massive Red Sea bridge to link Egypt, bypass Israel

The Arab world has long sought to link North Africa with the Middle East, bypassing Israel. Now it appears that Saudi Arabia is intent on turning that dream into a reality.

Following a meeting with Egypt’s President Abdel al-Sisi, Saudi Arabia’s new king, Salman al-Saud, announced a series of measures intended to aid Egypt’s sagging economy and bring the two allies closer together than ever before.

King Salman discussed $20 billion in loans to help boost Egypt economically, along with a comprehensive plan to develop the Sinai region priced at $1.5 billion.

The Saudi monarch also touched upon the long-discussed idea of physically linking the two countries, bridging the Red Sea and creating a contiguous link between the eastern and western halves of the Arab world.

The plan calls for a massive 30 mile bridge linking Ras Nasrani near Sharm el-Sheikh to Ras Hamid in northern Saudi Arabia.

If completed the bridge would be one of the longest in the world.


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