School Strikes Take Israel By Storm

Elementary schools across Israel went on strike Sunday as part of a mass protest by parents against overcrowding in the classroom.

Demonstrations, as part of what has become known as the "sardines protest," are being held in place of routine studying in over 70 towns and cities in Israel.

The Ministry of Education announced its objections to the nation-wide strike and called on parents "not to engage in the fight by hurting the children's school routine."

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) also knocked the protests, calling them "impractical," despite admitting the "parents are right."

As part of the protest, a can of sardines will be sent to Bennett's office, along with a letter written by students and parents demanding a limit to the number of students per class. 

Avi Kaminsky, chairman of the Israel Union of Education Directors in Local Municipalities, addressed Sunday's protest, acknowledging "the right to protest is part of the democratic world."

"But," Kaminsky continued, "parents must remember the most important and central issue is the quality of teaching and not the number of students in each class." 

"Reducing the number of students while also raising the quality of the teaching staff is key to creating the best possible educational climate."


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