Security Cabinet after meeting on Duma: New measures to battle Jewish terror

According to a statment released by the Cabinet, “The Cabinet views the arson and murder in Duma as acts of terror in every aspect, and has called on all the relevant authorities to use all necessary measures in order to bring the perpetrators to justice, and prevent

similar incidents. The cabinet has approved the professional recommendations to apply all the necessary steps and tools for this purpose, including the use of administrative detention in the appropriate cases, and at the approval of the attorney general.” The statment continued, “The Cabinet has instructed that the counter terror law proposal be advanced in the Knesset, which will apply to terrorists of this type as well. They also decided to establish a team of ministers led by the defense minister, and with the participation of the interior security minister, and justice minister, which will assess and advise the Cabinet and government on actions necessary to fight these types of terrorist incidents.”



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