Security Forces Arrest Terrorist Who Murdered Israeli Hiker

Israeli security forces have arrested the terrorist behind the cold-blooded murder of Israeli hiker Danny Gonen last month, along with several suspected accomplices.

The attack in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem, which also left a fellow hiker seriously wounded, is believed to be one of a series carried out by an organized terrorist cell operating in the area.

Watch: IDF nighttime raid nets terrorist:

Gonen's murder was noted for its particularly cold-blooded nature; his killer lured the unsuspecting hikers over by asking for water, and then gunned them down at point-blank range.

It has also been revealed that the murderer and apparent mastermind of the terror cell is on the payroll of the Palestinian Authority. In addition, one of the cell members was among more than 1,000 terrorists released in the 2011 Shalit Deal with Hamas.

The suspects also admitted to having carried out several shooting attacks against IDF soldiers stationed at the Kalandia checkpoint near Jerusalem prior to the murder. They also said they spent time immediately before the attack scoping out the natural spring where Gonen and his companion were eventually murdered, with the express intention of finding Israelis to kill.

Security forces also seized several weapons during the course of the investigation, including what is believed to be the gun used to shoot Gonen.


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