Security Forces Raid Two Communities, Reasons Unknown

Israel Police and Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) forces raided the community of Adei Ad near Shilo on Sunday morning, for reasons which remain unclear.

According to a report from legal rights organization Honenu, forces raided no fewer than seven homes and arrested two residents.

Another police raid was carried out at dawn on Givat HaBladim near Kohav HaShahar; seven people were also arrested for unknown reasons.

Honenu is still working to determine why both raids were conducted.

Recently, the Israel Police has conducted a number of raids to crack down on "Jewish terrorism," after the arson attack at Duma which killed an infant and fatally wounded his father of a Palestinian Arab family. The arson has not yet conclusively been linked to Jews.

Last Thursday, police raided the community of Geulat Zion in Shilo, and took eight residents into custody for questioning. Among them, Honenu said, were a couple and their young child.

All the detainees were arrested on suspicion of violating a closed military zone, even though they say they have not been shown such an order.



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