Security officers get first-line training in elite course


Once a year, the Homefront Command holds a training course for veteran security officers (Ravshatzim) – the commanders of local security brigades that are the first line of defense in many small towns and communities, especially in Judea and Samaria.

The elite course is held at the Lachish training base, and provides even veteran security officers with training and information on the latest tactics and methods of dealing with terror attacks that they are likely to face in their towns.

In this week's course, 40 new officers received graduation certificates, marking their readiness to lead security crews.

According to course organizers, the success of security officers and their ability to defend their communities depends a great deal on the training they receive in handling emergencies, including, knowing what to do when an emergency develops, efficient methods of gathering security staff, identifying threats before they turn into emergencies, and ensuring the security of residents during an event. 

As part of the course, a simulated security situation was held in which the crews, led by the main security officer, were expected to deal with initial security arrangements until IDF troops arrived on the scene.

“The security officer in each town has a tremendous responsibility,” said base commander Zuriel Avivi. “He is the one who determines the emergency level and organizes the initial defense effort, based on his observation of the situation and his experience.”

The training base was established in 2003, in order to provide assistance for first responses in security scenarios for local defenders.


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